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Teeth Extractions in Cocoa Beach

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LOVE YOUR SMILE Family Dentistry provides painless and quick tooth extractions.

Painless Tooth Extractions

Any time a tooth needs to be extracted, careful measures must be taken. At LOVE YOUR SMILE Family Dentistry, our team of caring and compassionate professionals ensure that all aspects of your visit are handled properly.

Our teeth extraction process is painless. Dr. Devins applies a local anesthetic which numbs the gums, jawbones, and tooth itself.

All sanitary precautions are taken and the tooth is safely and quickly removed without causing any damage to the surrounding teeth.

Quick and safe tooth extractions

Teeth Extractions Cocoa Beach

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Reasons for Tooth Extractions

After a complete assessment is performed, Dr. Devins will determine if pulling out your tooth is the right course of action. Some of the reasons why teeth extractions are required include:

  • Severe decay – This could be the result of poor dental hygiene or genetics and causes the patient severe pain as well.
  • Broken teeth – While some teeth can be restored with a crown or veneer, severe cracks or chips are often irreparable.
  • Periodontal disease – In most cases, this will cause the patient much pain and discomfort.
  • Poor positioning – Crowding and poor positioning of the teeth can cause orthodontic problems. While orthodontics might be the answer, having the dentist pull a tooth or two can greatly help to improve the entire process.

If teeth extraction is needed, LOVE YOUR SMILE Family Dentistry will ensure that all precautions are taken. We also offer emergency dentistry service for quick relief from pain.

We tackle all dental problems with care

Teeth Extractions Cape Canaveral

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Our team boast years of experience and deliver reliable oral care.

Additional Benefits

  • NITROUS OXIDE (laughing gas) AVAILABLE

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