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5 Harmful & Persistent Dental Health Myths Busted

Couple Brushing Their Teeth
Dentists hear a lot of myths from clients, myths that unfortunately cause them to make mistakes in their dental care. That's why the following misconceptions and strange ideas must be busted as soon as possible. The sooner more people realize that these ideas are wrong the better. 
Myth: Brushing Once a Day Is More than Enough 
Busted: People need to brush at least twice a day to minimize their chance of dental issues. Cleaning only once per day leaves the mouth defenseless against germs, bacteria, and other problems that can affect their health. Just as importantly, brushing should be done at specific times of the day. 
Simply put, people should brush their teeth when they wake up and before they go to bed. Doing so helps to stimulate saliva production in their mouth to fight off decay. And people should brush after every meal to eliminate food buildup and plaque on their teeth. 
Myth: Flossing Isn't Necessary 
Busted: Flossing is one of the best ways for people to take care of their teeth. Though the government may no longer consider flossing necessary, most dentists argue vehemently for its use. Flossing breaks apart food and plaque between the teeth and minimizes the risk of decay. 
Another common myth worth touching on here is the idea that blood during flosses means a person should stop. That idea is wrong because the small amount of blood that occurs when flossing is not harmful. However, persistently bleeding gums do indicate more pressing issues that need to be addressed.
Myth: Only Visible Dental Problems Require Treatment
Busted: This myth is one that causes a lot of issues with people's dental health. But think of this idea in another context. For example, trying to argue that a person isn't in any cancer danger just because you cannot see a tumor is a wrong and potentially deadly idea. 
Though not quite as severe, this dental myth may trigger similar issues with oral health. Simply put, many dental problems start invisible without the help of dental tools. These problems can then spread through the mouth and cause more severe concerns. 
Myth: Hard Brushing Is Best 
Busted: People who brush their teeth too hard are more likely to damage their enamel than clean its surface. Pushing too hard or fast may scrape away some of this protective surface, particularly if individuals insist on using a hard-toothed brush to manage their dental decay. 
Therefore, most dentists recommend using a soft-bristled brush rubbed gently against the surface of the tooth. In fact, most suggest mechanical toothbrushes because of how well they work in destroying plague. Individuals with these toothbrush models only need to rub the rotating head against their teeth to receive a positive effect. 
Myth: Sugar-Free Gums and Sodas Are Safe for Teeth 
Busted: While sugar-free gum does help to produce high levels of saliva, chewing gum isn't necessarily great for the teeth. That extra saliva will break apart acids and plaque, yes, but excessive chewing may put a strain on the jaw and may even impact dental health in other ways. 
Similarly, diet soda may lack the sugar that triggers so much dental decay but still contains high levels of acid. This acid will trigger just as many dental problems as regular soda, which include the same types of acid. So limit diet soda intake to avoid this issue. 
Learn More about These Dental Myths 
If any of these dental myths seem confusing or troubling to the reader, they should contact or visit us at Steven Devins DDS right away to learn more. Our dental experts will work hard to educate all of our clients and provide them with high-quality dental care they need to stay healthy and free from the dangers of misleading dental myths.