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Full-Mouth or Partial Dental Implant Restoration in Cocoa Beach

If you currently have dental implants, and you are looking to restore the beauty and natural function of your teeth, Steven Devins, DDS can help. Our doctor has over 40 years of experience, bringing the residents of Cocoa Beach the restorative dentistry they need most. A dental implant is basically a false tooth, or dental crown, with a small metal post in it. Titanium screws, which represent the root, come from the posts and are fastened to the jaw. In one simple visit, your teeth are permanent and natural again. Depending on your needs, you can receive a full mouth treatment or can have these implanted in certain areas on your upper or lower jaws. With all the function of a natural tooth, you won’t even remember they are there.

How They Benefit You

As your implant dentist, Dr. Devins finds it important that you understand the benefits that come with restoring or replacing implants. They include:

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  • The improvement of speech because they will not shift like loose teeth or dentures
  • No slipping that comes with dentures
  • The preservation of natural smiles and other facial features that are lost with the void of teeth
  • The protection of any healthy, surrounding teeth
  • A long-lasting option that won’t loosen over time
  • The restoration of the natural function of the jaw and teeth
  • Preventing jawbone or gum tissue shrinkage with a root replacement
  • The prevention of bone loss

As you can see, dental implant restoration can be beneficial to anyone who is faced with the decision of how to repair dental implant damage that may seem irreparable. Whether you are missing one tooth or multiple teeth, an implant could be the right choice.

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