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Extracting Teeth for Those Who Need It in Cocoa Beach

Any time a tooth is extracted from the mouth, careful measures must be taken. At Steven Devins, DDS, we are the caring, compassionate professionals who will ensure that your visit is properly handled. Teeth extractions can make a patient apprehensive. Before your tooth is removed, Dr. Devins will numb the gums, jawbone and tooth itself. The local anesthetic will eliminate the feeling of any pain during the tooth extraction process.

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Reasons to Remove a Tooth

Steven Devins, DDS will perform an assessment to determine if it is the right course of action before you have a tooth pulled. There are many reasons that may require an extraction. They include:

  • Severe Decay – This could be the result of poor dental hygiene or genetics and will more than likely cause the patient severe pain as well.
  • Broken Teeth – While some teeth are able to be restored with a crown or veneer, severe cracks or chips are often irreparable.
  • Periodontal Disease – In most cases, this will cause the patient much pain and discomfort.
  • Poor Positioning – Crowding and poor positioning of the teeth can cause orthodontic problems. While orthodontics might be the answer, having the dentist pull a tooth or two can greatly help to improve the entire process.

Simply having even one tooth removed can improve your ability chew, correct jaw joint problems, fix shifting teeth and improve overall dental comfort.

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